The Arnold Wragg production staff supported by many years of accumulated, specialised experience in fastener technology

The technical sales personnel are fully qualified to provide customers with specialist advice on products, materials and their application on performance. A unique service backed at all times by an unrivalled stock of over 250 tonnes of certified material in all sizes and grades, much of it in special stainless materials and exotic alloys, enabling us to achieve a fast reliable delivery performance within a short delivery window covering breakdowns and high priority requirements.

Mechanical tests can be carried out on all our products using equipment fully approved by the Ministry of Defence and other leading authorities.

Aircraft & Special Stainless Steels

S80, S143, S144, S130, FV520B-904L-AMS Grades. European grades to Werkstoff-Afnor etc, available to analysis

Duplex & Super Duplex Stainless Steels

WKI. 4462-UNS31803-2205, Flac * 223 Ferralium * 255 3SF UNS 32550 Zeron * 25, 100, UNS 32760 254SMO * / UNS 31254-6% Moly

Super Alloys

Monel* 400, Monel * K500, 625, 825, ASTM B164, Nickel, Titanium and Zirconium based alloys, Tantalum, Hasterlloy *, Carpenter 20 * Incoloys *, Nimonics *, Marinel


To BS970, EN16, EN19, EN20, EN24, EN26, EN32, EN40, 605M36, 708M40, 709M40, 817M40, 826M40, 826M31, High tensile grades to Z conditions (14.9 metric)

Petroleum and chemical

TO BS 4882, ASTM A193, A320, B5, B6, B7, B7M, B7A, L7, B16, B8, B8C, B8M, B8T, L8, L8C, L8M, L8T, B8X, B8CX, B8MX, B8TX, B80A, B17B.

Heat resisting

Durehete 90, 950, 1055

Esshete 1250


Nylon, PTFE, Torlon, Polypropylene