Engineering Excellence To AS9100 Standards In First Level Safety Critical Fastener Production

Training days for our clients procurement team

Terminology, deciphering part codes, materials, price brakes, special processes, finishes etc we believe can be overwhelming at times...


Arnold Wragg ltd is looking for long term partnerships and in order to achieve the best working relationships we believe a little shared knowledge can go a long way.


Which is why Arnold Wragg offers training days, these days consist of a trip out to visit our manufacturing facility in Sheffield where you can meet the sales team and management as these are the people who are answering your emails and queries. Followed by and induction to Arnold Wragg PowerPoint on first level safety critical fasteners including:


·         Part codes explanations

·         Capabilities

·         Optimum purchasing batch sizes

·         Kan ban delivery systems

·         Value adding and none value adding activities

·         How we comprise your quotation

·         A tour around the facility and manufacturing processes  

·         A demonstration on torque testing at various temperatures and conditions

·         A little Q and A


Of course it goes without saying that you and your team will be well fed and watered throughout the day and we hope to have got to know a little more about your needs and have shown you a little more of the manufacture of your orders


This service is free of charge and available to any of our clients  

We are flexible to as to dates and times so if this is something you may be interested in please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team


We very much look forward to hearing from you