Engineering Excellence To AS9100 Standards In First Level Safety Critical Fastener Production

Technical specifications, materials and special processes

Arnold Wragg ltd Thread Types

All national and international recognized thread forms, normal coarse, fine, extra fine pitch, UNC, ANC, UNF, UNJF, ANF, UNS, BSW, BSF, BA, ISO metric, BSP, NPT, ACME to name but a few


Arnold Wragg ltd Special Processes

Including but not limited to the following


·          Torque Testing

·          Destructive Testing

·          Heat Treatments

·          NDT Crack Detection

·          Ultrasonic Testing

·          Die Pen

·          Wide range of plating and finishing

·          Thread grain flow Analysis



Arnold Wragg ltd Materials

Stainless and special stainless steel

To BS970 AISI-Austenitic and Martensitic 303, 304L, 321, 316L, 316Ti, 317L, 347, 309, 310, 410, 431, 420

Aircraft and special stainless steels

S80, S143, S144, S130, FV520B-904L-AMS grades, European grades to Werkstoff-Afnor etc available to analysis

Duplex and Super Duplex

WKI, 4462-UNS31803-2205, Flac 223 Ferralium 255 3SF UNS 32550 Zeron 25, 100, UNS, 32760 254SMO / UNS 31254-6% Moly

Super Alloys

Monel 400 Monel K500, 625, 825, ASTM B164, Nickel, Titanium and Zirconium based alloys, Tantalum, Hasterlloy, Carpenter 20, Inncoloys, Nimonics, Marinel


To BS970, EN16, EN19, EN20, EN24, EN26, EN32, EN40, 605M36, 708M40, 709M40, 817M40, 826M40, 826M31, High tensile grades to Z conditions